Best Pillows for a Sore Neck

Specifications for Selecting the Best Pillow for Sore Neck

If you are suffering from neck discomfort and have not yet figured out what might be causing the problem, you may need to check on your neck pillow. Since sleep takes a significant share of human lives, the need for a good pillow is of the essence. Mornings need to be exciting and refreshing rather than the cause of pain and agony due to discomfort at night. With increased competition in the market, getting awareness of comfortable pillows that take care of sore neck problems has become a daunting task.
It is important to note that pillows that are too high often allude to abnormal bending of the neck when lying on the back or sideways. Such pillows also strain the shoulders all the way from the back of the neck. The major problem here is the fact that in such positions, the air pipe is narrowed hence resulting in breathing difficulties which bring about snores and other sleeping problems. Low pillows are similarly strenuous on the neck. A proper pillow should be within a height range of 4-6 inches depending on personal preferences and specific body measurements. The pillow should offer compromised support for the head and neck.
A pillow that effectively works against neck soreness is one that adequately supports the ordinary spine curvature when sleeping on your back. The pillow should provide support for the neck, head and shoulders and its height should be lower than those for sideways sleeping. For the latter position, a proper pillow has to provide support for the neck and head by maintaining a naturally straight horizontal line for the spine. It has to distribute the weight evenly so that there is no pressure or bending. If you are used to sleeping on your stomach, your pillow needs to be comparatively flat to prevent unnatural turning of the head to the right or left.

Sore Neck Pillow


By following these specifications and regularly replacing loosened pillows, you will assuredly avoid neck soreness and enjoy your sleep more. If its too late and you already have cracking in your neck check out this page!



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